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Terms & Conditions
and Privacy Policy

Your website’s terms and conditions establish how your visitors interact with your site. Although you can’t physically control what they do once they’re there, you can set expectations and define the consequences for prohibited activity.  A Terms and Conditions agreement also helps shield you from liability if a visitor misuses your site or its data.

We all leave digital footprints whenever we interact with websites. Your site’s Privacy Policy governs what you do with that data.  You must notify your users about your policy so they may choose whether or not to stay on your site.

Please contact us for a custom quote, which depends on the complexity of your agreements. If you’ve already drafted your own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, we’ll review them for a discounted rate.

Digital Advertising

Federal and state regulations govern how you promote your business. We offer a range of options to help keep Uncle Sam happy.

Your online presence is crucial to your company’s survival.  But it can also expose your company to liability and loss of trade secrets.  We advise our clients on protecting their intellectual property, preventing liability for users’ social media posts or website comments (for example, if they post copyrighted material), regulatory compliance, sweepstakes and prize promotions, and protection from employees’ disclosure of confidential or proprietary information via social media.

Website Audits

We’ll review your website to help ensure you’re compliant with advertising and data privacy regulations, your intellectual property rights are preserved, you’re not infringing on anyone else’s intellectual property rights and you’re protected from liability for lawsuits relating to use of your site.

Review Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaign Manual

Learn about overarching regulatory principles and general guidelines to follow.  This session is best for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and need general guidance.

Month-to-Month Subscription

For larger clients, we’ll review individual social media campaigns on an ongoing basis.


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