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Forming LLCs and other corporations involves important legal and tax implications.  That’s why we don’t simply file formation documents.  We advise what company structure is best given your unique circumstances. Because we are not tax attorneys, we always recommend also consulting your tax advisor.

We provide thoughtful recommendations on obtaining business licenses, collecting sales tax and requesting permission to operate in other states (“foreign qualification”). We also draft organizational documents to lay the right foundation for your company.

For New York LLCs, we can publish your LLC’s existence in two local newspapers for six weeks, as required by New York law.



This is an identification number assigned to your company by the IRS.  You’ll need an EIN for certain transactions, for example, opening a bank account.

Name Availability Check

Before you can officially register your company, you must check the state records where your company is being formed to make sure your company’s name isn’t already taken.  States also have rules regarding the format of company names depending on the type of entity you’re forming.

Operating Agreement

This is a fundamental document that dictates how your LLC will be structured and managed.  It’s essentially your company’s blueprint.

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