You’re an entrepreneur.  That means you’re a straight-shooter with little time to spare. You need answers now and typically DIY.

But what happens when doing it yourself doesn’t cut it?

Cat Videos: 10  | DIY Research: 0

You started researching, but lost most of your day to social media. We like saving money, too (yours!) but time is a precious commodity that you can’t get back.  What could you have accomplished by investing in your company instead?

One of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs face is knowing when to DIY and when to outsource.  We highly discourage handling intellectual property matters or legally-binding contracts yourself.  Don’t gamble with your brand.  

Stay in GSD mode while we do lawyer mode.

Cutting corners costs way more than doing everything right in the first place. You’ll likely make errors that an experienced attorney could have avoided.  It’s best to start off on the right foot and save yourself the headache — and the money.

We care

We don’t see your legal need as “just a transaction.” We examine the whole picture, analyze your ultimate goals and the best decisions to get you there.  We invest in your company’s longevity.  We want you to grow.

With us, you won’t get generic work product that was cobbled together by an attorney in a rush to get to the next client.

Many legal services’ business models are based on volume.  Ours is based on value. The choice is always up to you.

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