Some websites’ prices are way lower than attorneys’ fees. Ever wonder why?

They’re not using state-of-the-art software.

That’s your best-case scenario, because often, they’re not even lawyers.  They outsource your project to independent contractors. Who knows their qualifications, much less their resources?

Can you really be confident their services meet industry standards? Ours do.

Business Agreements

When drafting your contract, we compare it to current standards using the legal industry’s #1 research software.  We even analyze best practices based on recent agreements in your field.


We use the nation’s premier trademark clearance search software (many BigLaw firms even use it for their Fortune 100 clients)!

Some law firms claim to save money by doing these searches in-house. But if in-house searches were so reliable, wouldn’t BigLaw firms use them?

BigLaw firms have BigLaw budgets, often recruit the top 25% of students from the top 10 law schools in the entire nation, yet they still outsource clearance searches, including to the same provider we use.

Peace of mind is priceless.

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