We’re guessing our homepage gave that away.

We take the high quality you expect from a traditional law firm and pair it with the convenience your lifestyle demands.

Our predictable rates allow you to stay within your budget without compromising quality.

We Empower You

Law is complicated.  That’s why you need us. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand what we’re doing or why we’re doing it.  We don’t talk over your head or hide behind legal jargon.  We empower you to make informed decisions by carefully explaining legal concepts and their implications for your business. You walk away feeling relieved and more confident in your decisions.

Our clients trust us because we’re completely transparent. From our prices to our communication style, we’re open and honest.

At the end of the day, we’re working on your brand and your vision.  We help you achieve your goals.

Our legal services are specially tailored to what’s in your company’s best interest — not ours.  Final decisions are always up to you.

Thoughtful Strategic Advice

Anticipating your needs is our strong suit.  We don’t wait for you to come to us with an issue. We proactively identify them ahead of time and help steer you in the right direction.  We use long-term, big picture thinking to best position your business.

Sometimes all you really need is a sounding board. We don’t just perform legal transactions; we’re your legal counselor. We listen in order to invest in your business and our long-term relationship. We want you to win.

Effortless Experience

We can start working without you needing to leave home or your office.  You can even sign our engagement letter on your mobile device!

We integrate with your workflow and communicate in ways that work best for you.

Do you really need another conference call to derail your day?  Didn’t think so.

We won’t try to run up your bill by calling when an email will do.  In fact, with our predictable pricing, running up bills is never an issue.

We’re In A Class of Our Own

Many entrepreneurs are tempted by cheap, DIY online contracts.  But when you buy contract templates online, all you’re getting is a dead document.  You don’t know if it reflects the current state of the law or best practices. All you know is it doesn’t take into account anything about your company, its needs or circumstances.

The same goes for your business formation and intellectual property needs.  We’re not a one-off document stamper or filing company. Every service we render is with your business’ long-term interests in mind.

Your business is unique so make the proper investment.  Your company’s worth it.

Quick, Secure Access To Your Files 24/7

It’s a pain having to call your lawyer every time you need an update.  Not with us.  You can access your files and monitor case developments 24/7 using our secure, bank-grade encrypted online portal.

We Don’t Get Paid Until We Complete The Job

After you sign our engagement letter, we’ll collect payment.  Your funds will go into our Client Trust Account, which is held at an FDIC-insured bank and is approved by the IOLA Fund of the State of New York.

We’ll use your payment to cover initial costs (i.e., government filing fees).

We won’t transfer any money to our business account for attorneys’ fees until you receive and approve our invoice.

Easy Online Payment

You can pay us online via ACH or credit card. You can even pay us within your invoice itself.


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