Big Firm Quality At Better Prices

What’s your mission?

Mine is to use my BigLaw experience to elevate your brand; to provide affordable legal services without compromising quality. My clients include U.S.-based and international entrepreneurs, designers and innovators across tech, health/wellness, international development, publishing, e-commerce and digital media.

Because I’m skilled at both complex commercial litigation and transactional law — a rare combination for attorneys — I can help build your business and avoid lawsuits.

I sell my judgment and experience  — not my hours. 

Most law firms charge by the hour (at least $200). High-end “BigLaw” firms charge about $800 per hour for attorneys with my experience.  Partners charge up to $1,000.

I charge predictable rates because it incentivizes me to work efficiently and allows clients to plan their budget.

Trust is my #1 priority.

My clients have 24/7 access to their files using a secure, bank-grade encrypted online portal, where they can pay their invoice via credit card or ACH. I don’t transfer any funds to my business account for attorneys’ fees until you approve your bill. Click here to get to know me or check out my story on Medium.

— Alissa  L. DePass
Managing Attorney & Founder


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